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    Letzte Bilder

    Riku Nanase (Ainana Police) from idolish7

    Fudou and Jizou search for Dainichi, from episode 4 of Namu Amida Butsu! Rendai Utena.

    Cute Boy in medieval Clothing and a Swort.

    Killua from Hunter x Hunter

    Kokichi drinks is Soda

    Venti is very drunk

    Venti from Genshin Impact

    Hanako, Aoi and Ko Minamoto from Toilette Bound Hanako Kun

    Picture of Kokichi

    Zhongli and Venti from Genshin Impact

Zhongli is holding a bubble tea, Venti is showing him something on his smartphone.

They are talking about Pizza

    Miya from SK8 the infinite

    A young thief named Aram, from episodes 1 and 2 respectively of Chain Chronicle: The Light Of Haecceitas.

    Aram infiltrates the Black King’s fortress, from episode 10 of Chain Chronicle: The Light Of Haecceitas.
He is riding some kind of animal. You only the a small part of its back but i guess its something like a dragon.

    Ikuya Kirishima from the Anime Free

    Image of Haruka, Makoto, Ikuya and Asahi from the Anime Free!. They are very happy and Haruka has a medal hanging around his neck

    Hanako und Tsukasa in Onesies (Dinosaurier)

Hanakos ist grün, Tsukasas ist Rot

Quelle: Instagram: hanako.sabowi

    Kokichi Ouma in a Cat onesie. (Costume)

    Hanako kun. Posted by amanedaah on Instagram

    Hanako kun

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