How to install Danganronpa V3 in Ubuntu


As you may know, Danganronpa 1 and 2 are available in Linux using just Steam. But DRV3 isn’t!!!

In this Post I will show you, how to install DRV3 in Ubuntu.

Firstly, we will install Wine using ’sudo apt install wine‘

After that, go to PlayOnLinux/Download and Download the newest Version of the Program. (Using Firefox, please save it under Downloads.) As soon as your Download and the Installation of Wine is finished, go to your Downloads folder and open the .deb file in Software (normally, you only need to double-click the file.)
Please open PlayOnLinux. (In my case it says, that it can’t find xterm, but by pressing Ok, it starts anyways)

Now that we are here, please Download Steam.exe and save it, again, in your Download folder.

And yet, you have to install it by pressing the Plus Button in PlayOnLinux and clicking on „Install a non-listed program“ on the bottom of the Window, that opens after clicking on the +.

Click „Next“ until you have to type in a Name.
Here you can use every Name you like, I, for example, used the Name „DRV3“
Again, press Next, until it asks you, which bit Version of Windows you want to use. If you have a 64bit Computer, pls choose that Version, otherwise you need to use 32bit. (If you don’t know that, it’s most likely 64bits.)

After Pressing on Next again, it asks you to select an installation file. That’s the Steam.exe.
Press on Next until Steam asks you if you want to run it. UNCHECK THAT BOX.
PlayOnLinux will ask you now, which file it should use as a Shortcut. Here you have to use Steam.exe.
If it asks again, select „I don’t want to make another shortcut“
Press Next until the Window closes.

Click on time on Steam an then Choose „Configure“ in the upper menu.
On the Part „Wine“ is „System“ chosen, on the right side of that is a little symbol (Not the arrow), press that.
Click on „Wine Version (amd64)“ and after that, on the newest Wine staging Version (Its 6,3-staging in my case) and then on the arrow which points to the right.
You have to press Next, wait until Wine is installed and then close the Window.

We are in the Window with the „Wine — System“ again. Press System and then your new Wine Version.
Double-click on the Steam shortcut.
If it asks you to Install Wine Mono, do that.
Login to your Steam Account as usual.

Maybe your Steam Window keeps Black, if that’s the Case, click on View, which is the second option of the five ones on the very top, then on Small mode.

Right-click on DRV3 and press „Install Game“.
After Installing the Game, go back to PlayOnLinux, do one Click on Steam and Press Configure again. Now press on „Make a new shortcut from this virtual device“
This Time, you have to choose „Dangan3Win.exe“ and then press Next, type in „Danganronpa V3“ and press Next again. After that, close both Windows of PlayOnLinux (The Main Window should still be open) and right-click on Danganronpa V3 and press Configure Wine, on the Bottom of the Window that opened you should see, taht Windows 7 is chosen, choose Windows 10 instead.

Now you should be able to start DRV3 by double-clicking Danganronpa V3. If not, open Steam instead and use that to open DRV3.
Both Keyboard and Controllers are working, but the Controller doesn’t work fine every time.

If you need any help, please leave a Comment on this Post. If I, or somebody else, can help you, we will. You won’t be notified on a new Awnser to your Comment, so please check this site every now and then. (I plan to add that feature someday)

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