Takedown Request Invidious

MarkScan send Contabo (my Host) a takedown request for my Server, because there is illegal Content on Invidious. (the illegal Content is on YouTube, not Invidious).

MarkScan said they had written me, but I never received their Mail.
Then Contabo just took down my Server, they also claim to have written me. But i also never received that Mail.

Now I am not sure if my Mail broke or if they just lie. But I had never issues with Mail before.

And that’s why my Server is Offline now. And I removed Invidious to satisfy my Host. Don’t wanna lose my Nextcloud!

I now wrote both MarkScan and Contabo. Maybe It’s just my Mail. If that’s the Case, I have to fix it.

This is stressing me out! Will update this Post if something new happens!

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Ich bin Dominik. Ich spiele gerne Minecraft und mein lieblings Fandom ist Danganronpa. Ich bin Autist.

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  1. Dear Dominik,

    thank you for providing an invidious service for free to everyone. You’ve made the right choice and took it down to protect yourself in the real world.

    Depending on your POV towards freedom of information/the Internet you can choose to fight it or let it go. I am not a lawyer, but I personally believe MarkScan is in the wrong here.

    If you choose to fight the claim, I would recommend you get in touch with a lawyer specializing in this domain of law. They should be able to assess for you whether it’s a good idea to pursue it further.

    On the other hand, if this situation is stressing your life, just let it go and don’t let it drag you. It’s not worth your mental distress.

    Again, thanks for your service. The Internet appreciates it.

  2. thanks for your effort. i am older generation and not good with network stuff. this service makes things easy and is much appreciated.

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